Bozcaada Guide

Bozcaada, the little, mysterious island of the North Aegean…Since it is an island it reflects the sense of being on its own in the best way. And it takes you away into its world the minute you step foot on it.

Some do not even know its place on the map. Yet, for others it is already a place that cannot be parted from. For me, Bozcaada is a place which at first turned my short stays into long holidays, eventually becoming the paradise I live in now.

Here’s an island, perhaps close to you, and which may become the paradise of your holiday. All you have to do is to settle for the road. Yet, a brief survey beforehand will prove handy. How does one get there, what can be done, where does one stay, what does one eat? Putting together the answers of these questions was what I had in mind as I was preparing this brief guide for Bozcaada.

This website is going to be regularly updated in order to keep you connected with Bozcaada. At least as long as I live here… As long as this place continues being a paradise…

With the wish that everyone finds his or her own paradise…

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