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Dear Small and Boutique Hotel Owners/Managers,

The website / was established in 2004 with the aim of introducing and assisting in the marketing of charming and characterful Boutique, Historic, Design, Small, and Hip Hotels, as well as Holiday and Guest Houses located in Turkey and Greece. 

We annually visit the facilities on our website, with cleanliness being a priority, and factors such as the owner's character, the architectural structure of the facility, the design of its rooms, and its location are crucial considerations in our selection process and featuring on our website.

According to us, Small Hotels are establishments that are owner-operated, where the operator can be reached at any time. They provide an atmosphere of home with friendly conversations, meals, and drinks. They are unique and different, creating a feeling of visiting a friend's house. They have their own design and style, distinctive and original, not imitating any other place. When you leave, it is the place where your heart and soul remain. They adhere to cleanliness and hygiene rules, intriguing and sparking curiosity. They aim not to replicate the atmosphere of a traditional hotel.

If you believe that your hotel fits these descriptions, please fill out the information form below. We will respond to you as soon as possible with details regarding our working conditions, whether positive or negative.

For a brief overview of our activities, you can send us an email [email protected]

Best regards,

─░zim Bozada
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