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The route is to Maşukiye, the aroma identical to nature...
🎼 Maşukiye, Kocaeli, is a town that is as pleasant as its phonetic pronunciation, next to Istanbul but hidden among nature.

1) 🏔️☀️ Maşukiye has unforgettable hidden places. Kuzu Plateau is one of them. It has an extraordinarily beautiful atmosphere where nature is very generous. You can have a picnic or walk on the path for hours. Enjoy being in a place where the clock runs slowly.🍃

2) 🫒 Eating/Drinking... There are shabby and extremely cute family businesses on the edge of Aygır Creek in Maşukiye. They serve very fresh fish 🥗 Tables are set under the shade of big trees. There are dozens of endemic plants around that I cannot count. The landscape is like a painting made up of tons and tons of green...

3) 🍁 An autumn view... Cevizdibi Hotel is the right address for those who want to share calmness and tranquility at this time of the season! Being in a village, full of hospitable, cozy people, in the decor of nature... Cevizdibi makes you feel really good...  @cevizdibiotel

4) 🦚 Kartepe Mansion definitely adds a different atmosphere and romance to Maşukiye. Kartepe Mansion is very popular as it has become a regular destination over the years. Under 50-odd fruit trees, you will enjoy being so intertwined with nature and being a guest in a romantic hotel... @kartepekosku

5) ❄️ Winter beauty... If it is winter, I recommend you to get your ski gear. Because Kartepe has wonderful slopes. The Green Park Kartepe Resort & Spa enchants you with its view during the periods when the vegetation is surrounded by white snow. 🌙 @kartepethegreenpark
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