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We are in Mardin, on the edge of the Southeast, in the heart of Mesopotamia...

This is a city out of the world that has not lost its fascination with history but has found ways to live with it. Mardin houses with arched windows in Midyat and Savur, which have well preserved the features of their past, are like masterpieces of the agreement between mountain and man! Houses with wells, hammams, kumbets, edged, carved, stone-carved ceilings, built-in wardrobes and faces bearing deep traces... The streets of Mardin make the traveler feel the energy of this primitive, untouched art of stonemasonry. By the way, let us remember the late Master Yusuf here...

­čÜŚ While we are traveling with such pleasure, we see beautiful vineyards along the road in Midyat. Seeing the traces of human hands, care and compassion at every possible stage increases the place of this country in our hearts even more...

So much to do, so little time. The streets are narrow and the stairs are stairs in Mardin. We breathe in the historical air of this beautiful city full of ancient cultural qualities and relax in the evening with delicious Mardin dishes at Mardius Historical Mansion, which has been restored with great taste. This is a special mansion with a passion for local values. Much has been written about it, documentaries have been made. They have a cuisine that speaks dialect. Their "Peyran" dish is one of the most original flavors in their beautiful menu that does not deviate from local productions and local techniques. Each plate is a completely different detail in Kam'or Restaurants. Mardius Historical Mansion is located almost right next to the Grand Mosque. We can reach the center in two minutes on foot. Moreover, we wake up every morning with the endless view of Mesopotamia.

History flows like an enthusiastic river in Mardin. First we visit K─▒rklar Church, then Mort ┼×muni Church. Then we go to see Hatuniye Madrasa, Derik Srup Kevork Armenian Church, Mardin Museum, Sak─▒p Sabanc─▒ Mardin City Museum and Abd├╝llatif Mosque. Everything is so beautiful and majestic... Let the weather be a little cold.

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Cumhuriyet Square is a lively me┼čher with colorful items overflowing from all kinds of shops and the conversations of the shopkeepers. There is a liveliness here that Fikret Mualla would have liked. There are fruit and vegetable stalls, bakers, the rarest examples of silver-telkari embroidery, rug shops, restaurants, nut shops and coffee/tea shops. We buy plenty of the beautiful chickpeas known as "Da─čl─▒" to take to our friends and family. Mardin people send us off with the most beautiful expressions of affection. It is easier for us to face the day with this peace.

Where to eat and drink in Mardin?

You should definitely try the local dishes. Stuffed ribs, lamb arm with aluciye sauce, lamb tandoori, tirozi pickles, sembusek, stuffed meatballs and stuffed mumbar should be tasted.... When it comes to food, Mardius Tarihi Konak is my favorite. You can find many local dishes at Cercis Murat Mansion. The dishes made of plum stew, cashew and lamb are quite different and delicious.
Bagdadi is another of the best restaurants, I recommend you to taste the stuffed ribs. At the end of the street you can eat kebab at Yusuf Usta, the prices are reasonable and very tasty. The pistachio kebab is very famous. Antik Sur Restaurant has great food (ask for the Mardin plate) and eat semm├╝sek. At Rido kebab on the main street you can eat kebab pulled on a skewer. A kebab made of meat minced with a cleaver and threaded on skewers. With a side of ayran! Credit cards are not accepted. Mumbar at Ebrar restaurant in the new town. Mardin's famous m─▒rra coffee is very bitter but worth trying. Mardin cuisine is really special and varied. We ate at Bahar Restaurant in Midyat and it was excellent. Mardin's walnut sausages are very different. Your eyes, heart and palate will feast. If you want to eat meat bread, a specialty of Mardin, all the restaurants on Cumhuriyet Street make it. Completely handmade, blended with meat and various spices, it is put in the oven and then eaten with pleasure. The portions are the size of a lahmacun and 1 of them can easily fill you up. And it is so delicious...The taste of hormone-free meat is different, and the churned ayran served in a bowl with it. It makes you feel refreshed in the heat of Mardin. ┼×ahreman Restaurant: An artisan restaurant serving local dishes. If you want to try the dishes called Mardin Tabak, you can try sembusek, irok, meat bread, stuffed sour bread, Mardin stew, stuffed ribs and stuffed tripe together...Cihan Lokantas─▒: If you go to Midyat, the best place to eat is Cihan Lokantas─▒. Mardin tandoori, lamb neck, lamb ribs and curtain pilaf are incredibly delicious. Be sure to try the semolina halva at the end. Artuklu Kahve: Here you can taste Mardin's special Dibek coffee. Or you can buy it and take it home. This place is also a dried fruit shop. You can buy Mardin's delicious walnut sausages and blue almond candies called ghosts. These candies are also available with cinnamon and ginger.

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