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Dedeman Palandoken Ski Lodge

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Polat Erzurum Resort Hotel

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Snowdora Ski Resort Hotels & Villa

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Sway Hotels Palandöken

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Erzurum Hotels

Erzurum is often seen as cold and distant when we check the weather, but this city and its people are so warm-hearted that if you ever find yourself here, I can assure you that you won't feel cold. They say Erzurum has a cold climate but a warm heart. To truly understand this city, to truly know it, you need to feel it deeply. Don't settle for what you learn from a distance; you must see the rising star of the East in person.


If Erzurum is part of your vacation or tour plans, then we have good news for you. A wonderful nature and cultural tour awaits you. The city itself is ancient, so you'll find a lot in terms of history here. The Erzurum Congress and Aziziye are the best examples of this. They are must-see places for our recent history. If you're looking for activities, regardless of the season, you can find plenty here. Is there really a need to look for activities in Erzurum after the construction of the Palandöken Ski Center and the popularity of the Eastern Express? Significant developments have taken place in Erzurum tourism after these major events. Finding a spot on tours has become quite difficult lately.


With these developments, the quality of accommodation and facility services has visibly improved. You can visit Erzurum not only in the winter but also during warmer times. Whether it's for sports, camping, cultural research, or adventure, you have many alternatives here. Erzurum can always offer you something. In the summer months, cultural festivals and celebrations, and in the winter months, the ski center and train journey make Erzurum attractive. The city center is generally calm, so you can easily stroll around the streets of Erzurum without the hassle of traffic.