What is a boutique hotel?

What is a boutique hotel?

According to the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Culture and Tourism;

Article 43 - Structural features, architectural design, furnishing, decoration and unique in terms of the material used, operation and service

of superior standard and high quality, experienced or specialized in personalized service with trained staff and the following are hotels with at least ten rooms:

a) Furnishing and decoration with modern, reproduction, antique furniture and materials,

b) Comfortable rooms that meet the qualifications specified for five-star hotel rooms,

c) Reception hall, breakfast room, sitting room sufficient for the capacity,

d) Administration room,

e) A la carte restaurant,

f) Air conditioning system in public areas,

g) Twenty-four hour room service,

h) Laundry and dry cleaning service,

j) Parking service,

k) At least one daily newspaper service in the rooms, selected by the customer.

Boutique Hotels, also known as Small Hotels, are for us;

Operated by the owner.

The owner can be reached at any time. Conversation, eating and drinking in a home-like atmosphere.

It is "different". It gives the feeling of being a guest in a friend's house.

With design and style.

Unique and original. Not an imitation of a place.

A place where your heart and soul remain when you leave.

Clean, in compliance with hygiene rules.

Arousing interest and curiosity.

They are facilities that try not to give the atmosphere of a hotel.