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Birun Kumbet Mountain Lodge

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Birun Kumbet Mountain Lodge, Kümbet Giresun Small & Boutique Hotels
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Small and Boutique Hotels in Giresun

Giresun, a province located in the Black Sea region of Turkey, is renowned for its natural beauty. There are numerous hotels and accommodation facilities in Giresun, typically situated in the city center or along the coastline.

Giresun hotels offer various options catering to different budgets and preferences. These include hotels with sea views, boutique hotels, holiday resorts, and guesthouses.


Ideally located for those who wish to explore Giresun's natural beauty, these hotels are usually close to the city's tourist attractions and historical sites.


Here are some places to visit in Giresun:

Giresun Castle

Giresun Island

Kale Mosque

Kapu Mosque

Giresun Museum (Gogora Church)

Children's Library (Catholic Church)

Millet Garden

Seyyid Vakkas Tomb

Olive Grove Area

Kümbet Plateau

Bektaş Plateau

Kullakkaya Plateau

Kuzalan Waterfall

Virgin Mary Monastery Ruins

You can explore these attractions to discover the natural and historical beauty of Giresun.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which hotels in Giresun have nice views?
Labonita Concept Hotel & SPA uçsuz bucaksız deniz manzarası ile mest ediyor.
What are the average hotel prices in Giresun?
Otel fiyatları için sayfamızı inceleyebilirsiniz.
What are the best hotels to stay in Giresun?
Birun Kümbet Dağ Evi doğa ile burun buruna olma keyfini tattırıyor!
Which hotels in Giresun have good breakfasts?
Birun Kümbet Dağ Evi gerçek bir Karadeniz kahvaltısı sunuyor.
Which hotels in Giresun near Giresun Castle?
Labonita Concept Hotel & SPA, Giresun Kalesi'ne 3 km uzaklıkta bulunuyor.
Which hotels in Giresun near Kuzalan Waterfall?
Birun Kümbet Dağ Evi, Kuzalan Şelalesi Tabiat Parkı'na 30 km uzaklıkta bulunuyor.